About Victor Ramon B. Goyena of Canarium, “ The First Virgin ”


Engr. Victor Ramon B Goyena of Canarium “The First Virgin”

Engr. Victor Ramon B Goyena, a graduate of Bicol University College of Engineering, who participated in the government-sponsored pili nut food processing course, enlivened his interest in the extraction of Pili Oil from the Pili Nut Kernel. As a licensed civil engineer, it took him painstakingly six months to learn more about its extraction since this was all new to him. He had to do more research and consultations with a lot of people to get more information that he did not know. One of this people is Engr. Alex Elegado, the Albay Provincial Director of DOST Albay. Soon after he started working on his project and was able to extract the oil already. Around that time, he was invited by the Department of Agriculture to attend the International Agriculture and Tourism fair with a free booth due to his discovery. There he met local and foreign potential investors who shared ideas of what the potential of the oil as in the ingredient of manufacture of various skin products.

As a farmer beneficiary ( FB ) he is a sectoral provincial representative of the Provincial Agrarian Reform Coordinating Committee ( PARCCOM ) of the province of Albay and is currently active with Department of Agriculture in the development of Pili Nut based products and growing the Pili Nut Industry. Through the fund support of Hon. Congressman Edcel Lagman, one of which is the Lakbay Aral Program for the development and research of Pili based products conducted in University of the Philippines in Los Banos (UPLB) and Quezon province. As president of Albay Pili Industry federation ( APIF ), Engineer Victor also attended in the activity including selected members of the federation.

On April 2008, Mr. Goyena who was awarded three-hectare farm under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), plans to develop the three-hectare farm awarded to him under CARP into “Pili Park” to showcase various pili nut products to visiting students, farmers, tourists and prospective entrepreneurs like him. Today, he has 350 pili nut trees in his farm and is expecting them to bear fruits within four to five years. According to Albay provincial agrarian reform officer Salve C. Tongco said that Goyena, was a potential nominee for the “Most Outstanding ARB” award, and his virgin pili nut oil a top contender for the “rookie product” category in the 2011 Agraryo Trade Fair.

Recently, Engr. Goyena has started to process Manila Elemi Oil from the Manila Elemi ( Pili Nut tree resin or sap ). I heard that he is trying new things and ways to discover and develop products that might help people solve some of their seemed hopeless case skin challenges.

Engr. Victor Ramon B Goyena of Canarium “The First Virgin”


2 thoughts on “About Victor Ramon B. Goyena of Canarium, “ The First Virgin ”

  1. Engr I sent you a message in FB but got no reply. I am ordering one vial of oil and 2 jars of the lotion that you had sent me. Thank you very much. I have a new cp #: 09064119084.

    Prof Fatima Castillo

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