OKB SM Megatradehall trade fair Oct 4 – 7, 2012

OKB SM Megatradehall trade fair Oct 4 – 7, 2012

Canarium “The First Virgin” trademark is the only product in the market that uses the 2 active 100 % natural plant based ingredients from the Pili Nut.

Pili Nut Kernel Oil – is a plant based premium oil that is rich in the Omegas. A good food grade oil, an effective cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade oil material.

Manila Elemi Oil – is a premium essential oil that comes from the Pili Nut tree resin/latex ( salung/sahing/pulot ). A natural plant based anti ageing material that is so effective that multinational cosmetic companies use on their branded products that delay the effects of ageing.

All Canarium ” The First Virgin ” trademark products are the following;
PNKO – Pili Nut Kernel Oil
PNKO+MEO – Pili Nut Kernel Oil & Manila Elemi Oil
PNMBBS – Pili Nut Moisturizing Beauty Bar Soap
PNFT – Pili Nut Facial Toner
PNNTC – Pili Nut Night Time Cream
PNMHBL – Pili Nut Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion
PNMO – Pili Nut Massage Oil ( 100 % All natural ingredients )
MEO – Manila Elemi Oil ( EO )
ME – Manila Elemi ( Pili Nut Tree Resin / Latex )

My skin so beautiful – Pili Nut Kernel Oil!


5 thoughts on “OKB SM Megatradehall trade fair Oct 4 – 7, 2012

  1. Distributor and manufacturers of food grade grease and food grade silicone grease offered by ultimate techniquesFood Grade Grease used in food process industry should be colorless, odor free and non toxic type grease. Usually high grade non toxic synthetic base oils are used in processing for Food Grade Grease. Food Grade Grease also should with stand extreme low and high temperatures during the process of food material.

    Food Grade Oils are basically synthetic oils with high stability used in processing Food Grade Grease. Special type of Food Grade Gear Oils is required in maintaining gears in food process industry.

    1. This is the contact information of Victor Goyena. Please call him. Salamat.

      Manay Fe’s Pili Products

      466 Guevara Subdivision
      Daraga, Albay, Philippines
      Mobile: + 63 917 4140 572
      + 63 999 6673 833

      Name: Engr. Victor Ramon B. Goyena (Owner of Canarium The First Virgin)

      Email: vgoyena@gmail.com

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