How to make blanched Pili Nuts to Pili Powder?

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One thing I learned from my Albay Pili Industry Federation meeting in Daraga Albay was how to make Pili Powder from blanched Pili Nuts.

First, go get some fresh Pili Nuts, those with the brown skins still on. Boil water in a pot but do not boil the Pili Nuts too long. Just simply blanche the Pili Nuts long enough and the skins will rub off very easily.

Grabbed a mortar & pestle (or what Filipinos call Almires), and grind the blanced Pili Nuts till powdery.

Simple isn’t it!

The pili powder can be added to any of your pasta meals.


I have looked around and so far, I see no one selling Pili Powder yet.

So go make some, and try selling it on the side!

This could be a really good source of income.

‘Pili Nut’ The pride of Bikolanos

Pili Nut Photo Source: Now Public




2 thoughts on “How to make blanched Pili Nuts to Pili Powder?

  1. Pili Nuts is a very nutritional food from Philippines. Pili Nuts are highly beneficial for health.

    These delectable nuts not only prevent cardiovascular diseases but also help in maintaining brain balance, developing healthy bones, hormone production and muscle tissues. These nuts are frequently utilized in several desserts including cakes.

    Pili Nuts are a great complement to exotic flavors like cacao or coconut and can be added to baked goods, chocolates, ice-creams, smoothies and cereals. Pili Nuts can be processed with rich nut milks, and pestos, added to salads, pickles, rice, dressings or eaten on their own for a highly energy, nutritionally sound snack.

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