Pili Kernel Oil as Hot Oil Treatment

Besides the face, I also use Pili Kernel Oil for hair treatment.  Trust me, it works.  My hair is so different before I started treating my hair with the magic oil. It gives the look of me having my hair treated professionally in the hair salon.  But the truth is all my beauty routine is done at home. Normally, hot Oil is done once a week but I do it more than that. It’s organic and safe to be use every day. My hair used to be damaged and brittle but now, my hair is so soft and healthy. The bottle of oil is heated by boiling water. I give it 5-10 minutes. Then, I massage the heated oil on my scalp. I wait about 30-45 minutes and then rinse the oil off with running water. After that, I shampoo my hair.

I love how it gives my face the youthful look and the same time; making my hair in good physical shape.

I am hooked!

Pili Kernel Oil the new magic oil.

Photo Source: Black Hair Information 

Manay Fe’s Pili Products

466 Guevara Subdivision
Daraga, Albay, Philippines
Mobile: + 63 917 4140 572
+ 63 999 6673 833


Name: Engr. Victor Ramon B. Goyena (Owner of Canarium The First Virgin) Email: vgoyena@gmail.com

For all other inquiries: Name: Jennifer Bichara (Trader, Marketing and Administrator) Email: jennifer.bichara@gmail.com Contact #: 09273090636 Globe

Website : www.canariumthefirstvirgin.com 

Alibaba Company Profile: http://www.alibaba.com/member/us107009411.html


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