Albay Pili Industry Federation (APIF) Meeting

APIF Meeting in Anislag Daraga

To revive and help strengthen the Pili Nut Industry and push it to be another Bicol export winner like abaca, the President of Albay Pili Industry Federation, Engr. Victor Ramon B. Goyena, held a mobile meeting on August 11,2012 at Mr. Jun Manzanades residence in Anislag Daraga.

The main agenda of Albay Pili Industry Federation meeting is the establishment of Pili Nut scion grove and Pili Nut nursery at Anislag Daraga Albay. The aim is to increase Pili Nut production of the 7 registered varieties in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd district as well. About 20 pieces at 5 each of the 4 available Pili Nut registered varieties were already transplanted at the scion grove namely Mayon 1, Mayon 2, Orulfo and Lanusa.

Signing of memorandum of agreement between APIF represented by Engr. Victor Ramon B. Goyena, Mr. & Mrs. Lorete owner of the land of the scion grove and nursery, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, represented by the Albay Provincial Agriculturist Mr. Ruben A. Limos and Office of the Municipal Agriculturist represented by the Daraga Municipal Agriculturist Segundina L. Loba highlighted the said event. A 3,500 square meter space was allocated by the Lorete couple for this specific project.

The APIF meeting also gave me the opportunity to introduce myself, Jennifer Bichara, to all the attendees as a blogger who is currently helping Engr. Victor Ramon B. Goyena market his Canarium, The First Virgin Pili Nut products and its by-products through blogging as social media and other trading platforms. With me helping Victor, this will also give other APIF members the opportunity to market their Pili Nut produce by my Canarium, The First Virgin blog.

The meeting also emphasized that even if it is an unpaid voluntary organization but being guided by its strong vision which is to be an empowered federation that leads towards a progressive Pili Nut industry that is globally competitive then by way of collective efforts of all the active APIF members of the organization, they can make an impact and add value to the Pili Nut Industry. With a sheer desire to win and pursue their goal combined with an undying spirit of persistence there is no doubt that in due time this organization will attract attention of everyone else in the Agricultural community.

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Attendees are as follows:

1. Mrs. Evelyn Ragos
• A member of Woman for Progress Movement in Bicol for Nilao Region
• The project is to teach woman on Pili farming by using seedling and grafted Pili planting
• Maintains 1,000 Pili Nut trees

2. Mrs. Emma Moises (Camalig)
• A member of APIF
Land owner – 3 hectares

3. Mrs. Milagros Monasterial (Ligao City)
• A member of APIF
• Corn & Pili farmer
• Owns 60 grafted Pili trees

4. Mrs. Emerita Antang
• A member of APIF
• She is interested in Pili planting
• Also, a member of Pili Rural Improvement Club
• Owns 5 hectares of land with old Pili trees
• The trees are of own consumption not produced commercially

5. Bert Laganson (Camalig)
• Chairman of COOP Bakodero Community Development
• Has a Pili nursery
• About 20,000 (grafted and inarched seedlings)
• 2,000 square m. nursery

6. Mr. Eduardo Daseco (San Francisco, Legaspi City)
• Nursery operator, 2nd district
• Owns 6 hectares of land and will buy adjoining lot of 5 hectares
• He has asexual propagated germinated Pili tree plantation
• He is a member of Pili Industry Development of Legaspi City
• He also planted Hawaiian Pineapple during the govern ship of Al Francis Bichara

7. Ronnie Llaguno (Malilipot Albay)
• APIF Auditor
• Officer of Small Farmers Association
• Owns 1 hectare of land – with 50 seedlings trees
• As for his association, 13 hectares with fruit bearing trees
• He used to provide Camarines Sur seedlings and but should only be exclusively for Buang municipality and Albay region

8. Ms. Ma. Josie Nares (Daraga)
• A member of APIF
• A nursery provider – Plantarium Canarium Plant & Nursery Supply
• 1,000 Pili inarched and 5,000 seedling
• She is open to all customers and provides Sorsogon, Masbate, Catanduanes, Camarines Sur, Manila and Albay as well

9. Mrs. Felisa V. Magno (Guinobatan)
• Nursery operator, 3rd district
• Magnus Nursery – Operation for 10 years now
• Has 10,000 seedling and 5,000 grafted – she has no inarched available (all sold out) – provide plants for landscaping and also, fruit bearing trees

10. Rose Odones (Guinobatan)
• Selvetech Nursery
• Maintains 300,000 seedlings – Pili 150,000
• Mix including fruit bearing and indigenous trees (1 hectare stock)
• Wholesalers – DNR

11. Mr. Peter Acerado (Barangay Bariw, Ligao)
• Pili Partners Association – President
• Manages a Pili Nut orchard of about 100 hectares
• The whole Barangay Barus is involved in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

12. Mr. Rudy N. Velasco (Camalig)
• APIF Secretary
• Maintains a 7-8 hectares
• Integrated seedlings including coconut plantation in Barangay Buluan

13. Ms. Rose Mendez
• Government employee
• Pili Nut – grafted seedlings
• Maintains 1 hectare of land

14. Mr. Eufemio M. Lorete & Mrs. Edna B. Lorete (Anislag Daraga)
• Owner of Granja Organic Farm
• Maintains 6.5 hectares of land with 452 seedling Pili trees
• Also includes Lanka, Cacao, Coconut, Coffee & Guyabano trees
• Not operational commercially

15. Ms. Arlene L. Vibar
• Tech Support Staff – Agribusiness/APIF Coordinator
• Municipal coordinator


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