Chanel Ultra Correction Lift

Did you know one of the ingredients for Chanel Ultra Correction Lift facial skin rejuvenation came from resinous gum of “pili,” a local tree that has become a symbol of Bicolandia. Chanel Ultra Correction Lift is made with Elemi PFA, which derms say keeps cells alive for an extended period of time so skin stays lifted longer, preventing wrinkles and sagging.


The product advertisement reads:

“At the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Luzon holds the secrets of a tree with moisturizing properties: the Manila elemi.”

Photo Credit: Chanel


4 thoughts on “Chanel Ultra Correction Lift

  1. Reblogged this on I Enjoy Being a Girl and commented:
    The fountain of youth. Ageless beauty. But at what cost? How rare is this tree? Are they planting a new one of the same kind for each one they cut down? DO they cut them down? Or do they simply bleed them the way we bleed maples to make syrup?
    I’m vey much about beauty. ALL beauty including that which is found in nature. More research shall be done.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the reblogged. The price is pretty steep but it is voted by dermatologist as one of the top anti-aging products. The price is about $150.00 @ There is research and please read the article at for more information. 😉

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