Hello world!

Hello Everyone!

This is the moment I am waiting for and I am happy to introduce to you:

Canarium “The First Virgin”

Canarium “The First Virgin” 

Pili nuts come from the Pili tree (Genus: Canarium ovatum Engl.). Pili are native to maritime Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, and Northern Australia. They are commercially cultivated in the Philippines for their edible nuts. The Pili tree is a hardy rainforest tree that bears a nut with a very hard pointed shell, which houses the creamy, yummy nut. Pili nuts have a rich, buttery flavor, often said to be superior to that of almonds. Slender, with a length of around 2-1/2 inches and a diameter of around ¾ inches.


Another unknown by-product is the Pili oil. Pili Pulp and Kernel can be extracted and used for cooking or as a substitute raw material for cotton seed oil in the manufacture of soap, beauty, perfume and edible products. From the nuts to the pulp, to the shell and the bark, the pili tree’s usefulness can be compared to that of the coconut tree. Pili oil contains high levels of oleic acids, carotenoids, phytosterols, and vitamin E known for being powerful antioxidants which has renewing and rejuvenating properties for healthy and youthful skin. Oils derived from the nut and pulp of pili are similar in composition to the more expensive avocado and olive oils.

According to Engr. Victor Goyena, it has an anti-aging effect that’s why it was very good for the skin and it was also used as massage oil, or if diluted in the bath it can assist with nervous and respiratory conditions, stress related problems and skin infections. Elemi oil was distinguished to have a citrus-like smell, a bit spicy and is pale in color. But unfortunately, not many people knows this facts and I bet it would be your first time to learn that elemi oil may be included in your favorite brand of perfume or make-up products. Opium by YSL, Lolita Lempicka, Mark Jacobs, Mont Blanc, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Chanel, gucci, Dior are just few of the many brands who uses elemi oil on their products.

perfumes with elemi oil

Article Source & Photo Credits: My Green Living Ideas , Wikipedia


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    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to introduce to you my second blog. I have been truly passionate about Pilo Oil and its anti-aging benefits for the longest time now. I collaborated with Engr. Victor Goyena of Canarium “The First Virgin” of Daraga Legaspi. The blog is in the set-up stage so there will be more additions and changes in the near future.

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